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Meditation Class


Infused Meetings

The wellness-infused meeting can help your group create better synergies together. Whether you're looking to keep your executives feeling their best, you're hosting a week long training or wanting to infuse wellness into an upcoming convention itinerary, we have you covered. From nutritious food and drinks to keep your group focused and fresh to group-led meditation or visualization sessions, yoga or deep-breathing exercises, your group will gain a renewed outlook on life and be ready to tackle that next big task or project on the horizon!

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Wellness Day 

Work/Life Wellness Day is designed to help achieve that balance we are all looking for in our every day lives. It can be a great option for employees, residents of an apartment community or guests of a hotel or resort. Package options may include catered healthy lunches, holistic nutrition or healthy meal demos, offering various wellness workshops and team-building activities throughout the day to ending with a wellness mixer. If you'd rather take it offsite, we can help you put together a wellness-focused field trip for your office staff, convention group, tenants, guests, etc. Keep in mind that we can handle all the details for you including local transportation.

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Wellness Week

Work/Life Wellness Week is a way of either including more activities or spreading out the event over a week rather than squeezing it all into one day. Some activities can be onsite while others are offsite. This may be best suited to employers or property managers. Not only does it showcase your appreciation, but may make a longer lasting impact by further imprinting wellness in the workplace, rental community, etc.

Refreshing Juices

Wellness Mixers

Quality ingredients are all the hype these days! While some are migrating toward craft cocktails, why not kick the health benefits up another notch with the addition of tea "beer" and/or mocktails? Not only will this support individuals who are struggling with sobriety, it will satisfy those sober curious people, it is more inclusive and encourages healthier behaviors for everyone at your next social hour. Try a wellness mixer on its own or add it within one of our other package offerings such as part of a work/life wellness (day or week) event.


Wellness Fairs

Does your company already have a comprehensive workplace wellness plan in place or are you considering the possibilities? Times are a changin' and focusing on health risk assessments and all the things that are wrong in our lives aren't always the greatest motivators for change! Who knew? Why not host an internal wellness fair that truly aligns your employees' lives for wellness? This can take place on or off premises. Inquire for details.

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With chronic diseases on the rise, many doctors and nutrition professionals realize that we need to be more proactive about our health and this largely starts with eating a nutritious diet. If you are an employer or represent another group who is interested in exploring the exciting world of holistic nutrition, you can book us for your next lunch-n-learn or add one on to another wellness package you book. Inquire for more details.