• Erin R. Liggett

Rise Up

Tropical storms moving across the water

Leaves drop from trees as the summer turns to fall

Something is brewing under the surface

Winds are shifting…


Mental energy buzzing

Chatter fills my head

All my thoughts elude me

as I try to grasp for one

What am I thinking?

Where am I going?

My emotions are in a tug of war…

Feels like the ground is too soft to hold me

As I take just one step forward

I lift my head up high and smile,

but then I fall back…

Memories rush in

Paralyzing me

Like I can’t breathe…

Can’t hear…

Can’t see…

Where am I?

How did I get to this place?

Is life passing me by

while I am frozen in time?

I long for an escape

Yet I know it won’t help

I sit with the pain

Take a few deep breaths

Feel the sun on my face

My inner voice whispers out

Reality sets in…

Gratitude replaces self-pity

I start to feel the transformation,

giving myself permission

to be at peace

as the circle of life comes into focus now

and moves me forward on my personal journey…

Soon, beautiful blossoms will rise from the debris.

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