About Us

 Aligned Life, LLC

"Aligning lives for wellness"



To spread awareness about holistic nutrition and inspire individuals to align their lives for wellness.



We value the inherent intelligence within all individuals. We believe that each one of us possesses many, if not all the answers to wellbeing, but in an information age with so many choices, thoughts can easily become clouded. When you add in our fast-paced American lifestyle, it is easy to see why so many of us stray from the path to wellness. These are a couple of the reasons why we believe a focus on holistic nutrition is needed. 


To help elevate the health and wellbeing of the community through holistic nutrition consulting, education and eventually, wellness-focused meetings and events. We envision working closely with other wellness professionals in the greater Pittsburgh area who are aligned with our mission. In the long-run, we envision our services and partnerships to have far-reaching impacts throughout the Pittsburgh region and beyond.



  • Health - Mind, body, and spirit in harmony

  • Wellness - ...It is not only the absence of disease. Wellness is all-encompassing; striving to reach balance or alignment in all areas of one's life (health, social, spiritual, family, career, finances, personal growth, etc.).

  • Friendship - Genuine alliances formed between co-workers, partners, and clients

  • Thoughtfulness - Living in the present, making wise decisions, caring about ourselves and others

  • Empathy - Being able to relate to one another

  • Honesty - Being honest with one another; being honest with clients and ourselves

  • Diversity - We are all unique individuals with different skill sets and gifts to offer. Diversity is very important for new ideas to flourish and grow into innovations. There can be no "one size fits all" approach to working with clients.

  • Mother Nature - We are truly grateful for all the natural beauty and abundance that is provided to all of us, free of charge, and understand how important it is to preserve and care for nature's bounty.