An "Aligned Life" starts with properly nourishing your body and mind...

Have you ever noticed how unhealthy choices

tend to be the default in our society?

From marketing sugary snacks to our children... 

to promoting nicotine products that taste like candy to teenagers, and making alcohol look sexy to adults...


Temptations are all around us!


This is why we believe it is important to create an environment conducive to reaching your goals such as: 

- Setting your kitchen up for success at home

- Creating a regular wellness routine that works for you

Rallying with your coworkers and creating wellness in the workplace

- Creating healthy lifestyle communities

- Offering nutrient-dense menus at restaurants

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to join the wellness revolution with us?

The nutrition landscape can be difficult to navigate with all the conflicting information circulating around. Rather than over-focusing on calories and the latest fad diet to hit the scene, we take a holistic approach which emphasizes quality of food, integrity of the food supply, and sustainability of an eating plan!

What We Do

Holistic Nutrition

Consulting & Education

We offer targeted holistic nutrition consulting and comprehensive wellness coaching to individuals who want:


  • to try nutritional and lifestyle changes to help manage an underlying condition

  • to have a better relationship with food (no more yo-yo dieting!)

  • to learn how to eat healthy and better than they ever have

  • to work with someone who cares about their wellbeing

  • to elevate their mind, body and spirit to the next level

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