Aligning lives for wellness through our creatively designed and skillfully coordinated meetings & events

Have you ever noticed how our society tends to play the role of devil's advocate, making unhealthy choices the default in our environment?

What We Do


Meetings & Events

We work with:

  • Employers (human resources professionals, meeting planners, etc.) in the Pittsburgh area wanting to increase wellness in the workplace

  • Convention groups wanting to infuse wellness into an upcoming itinerary or wishing to decompress on a wellness-focused field trip

  • Property managers interested in elevating wellness in their communities through fun events that show appreciation for tenants and/or guests

  • Other groups such as churches or membership-type clubs that have an interest in booking a wellness-focused meeting or event


Holistic Nutrition

Consulting & Education

The nutrition landscape can be difficult to navigate with all the conflicting information circulating around. That's why we take a holistic approach, choosing to focus on quality of food, integrity of the food supply, and sustainability of an eating plan rather than over-focusing on calories and the latest fad diet to hit the scene!


We work with:

  • Restaurant managers and chefs to help them elevate their menus in terms of quality, nutrition and inclusiveness (proactively considering food allergies/intolerances)

  • Employers, property managers and other groups interested in exploring various holistic nutrition topics at a lunch-n-learn or another wellness-infused meeting or event

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