Aligning lives for wellness through our creatively designed and skillfully coordinated meetings & events

What We Do


Meetings & Events

Our primary focus is on elevating wellness within the workplace to not only help reduce group healthcare costs which have skyrocketed over the past few decades, but to help reduce stress levels among employees and help them achieve a better work/life balance.


We also work with convention groups looking to infuse wellness into their day. Whether you're just looking for healthier food and drink options for your meeting/event or wanting to weave wellness activities throughout the entire itinerary, we're happy to help!  

Holistic Nutrition

Consulting & Education

The nutrition landscape can be difficult to navigate with all the conflicting information circulating around. That's why we take a holistic approach, choosing to focus on quality of food, integrity of the food supply, and sustainability of an eating plan rather than over-focusing on calories and the latest fad diet to hit the scene!


If you'd like to explore the exciting world of holistic nutrition at your next lunch-n-learn or wellness-infused meeting or event, we'd be happy to put a demo or educational presentation together for the occasion!

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